Global Auditing and Accounting Firm

  • The client has more than 25 years of public, private and professional CPA experience and felt that CPA software tools available in the market were expensive and had limited features.
  • The industry is more focused on the latest AICPA guidelines rather than improving the technological side of the business.

NStarX developed a comprehensive cloud based audit management system for the CPA community to review audits and record financial statements. The solution is a web application with built in system workflows and is a collaborative effort with various CPA firms. It is AICPA compliant. As this solution is hosted it mitigates the need for IT and infrastructure management. Access to the solution is restricted and data is kept in a secure vault in compliance with regulatory norms. It caters to a niche segment of auditors who want an affordable audit management application with minimal to no training.

  • Review individual clients through the comprehensive dashboard
  • Create client groups using the cabinet feature
  • Create, upload, modify or delete auditing artefacts
  • Add adjustments and documents supporting these adjustments

The aim of the solution is to maximize efficiency, and experience intelligent programs that remind and assist the CPA

  • Successfully released the product with basic features which is right now utilized by our client
  • Enhanced features development is in-progress and ready for market use by end of July, 2017