Healthcare Providers

  • Healthcare providers are hampered by the credentialing process required for Doctors, Nurses, and Technicians with different insurance carriers.
  • Manually filling out the mandatory paperwork negatively impacts productivity and efficiency
  • Follow-ups and monitoring is required to ensure credentialing is up to date for all employees which has a cost implication
  • Delayed payments from insurance carriers

NStarX developed a practical and efficient web based solution for the challenges faced in credentialing, privileging and provider enrollment. CredentialMyDoc focuses on functionality and is remarkably easy to navigate. Information is captured utilizing an established workflow system then centrally stored and can be exchanged through a secure provider portal. This ensures an increase in staff productivity and enhanced functioning of a healthcare organization.

  • User-friendly in both design and functionality
  • Manage payers, payer contacts, contract status and dates, and specific payer workflow
    Collaborate with providers through a secure web portal
  • Track expirations and ensure credentials are up to date
    Share, document and report on all workflow activities
  • Centrally and securely store information and documentation

  • Since the product was launched, CMD has been implemented for more than 250 healthcare providers. Currently 25,000 Physicians are using this system.
  • CMD has made it easy to navigate the hurdles in the credentialing process