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Drop by abhra’s booth #1327 for the chance to experience ServiceNow® through Mixed Reality. It’s a whole new dimension that elevates the visibility of workflow management to the next level through the convergence of Augmented reality and ServiceNow®. This convergence provides an immersive 3D experience instead of having to look at several screens for an overview of the system. This technology has the potential to:

  • Speed up response time to issues
  • Improve training quality and shorten its duration
  • Facilitate even greater visibility, transparency, efficiency and integration
  • Condense the overview of multiple systems and geographies in one 3D video feed

For instance, a CIO could remotely check into a 3D video feed using an MR headset from a different location, and monitor multiple systems or geographic locations.

There’s more! You can get a taste of our ServiceNow® expertise and pick our brains with any questions you have.


This time what happens in Vegas is too good to be left behind.

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