Medical Professionals

  • Medical professionals often struggle with excessive wait and travel times with difficulty in reaching remote areas
  • Surplus of patients in need of a single specialist
  • Even though certain telemedicine innovations are utilized, healthcare providers are challenged by communication errors and technological limitations

abhra developed a technologically advanced software that facilitates recording, transmission and playback of sounds captured when paired with a bluetooth enabled stethoscope. STETHCONNECT is a diagnostic facilitator in telemedicine as it stores audio files of auscultation of the lungs and heart. The high quality of audio allows for easier examination of the patients circulatory and respiratory systems. STETHCONNECT offers live stethoscope sessions that can be paused or stored and forwarded.

  • Easy to connect and simple to use
  • High quality of audio
  • Auscultation of lungs and heart
  • Live sessions can be paused, or stored and forwarded

  • STETHCONNECT enables recording, transmission playback and overall management of stethoscope related audio files for Telemedicine.
  • In last 12 months, since the product has been launched, STETHCONNECT is being used by more than 250 healthcare providers and growing.