Many organizations struggle with inadequate systems for their Software Asset Management (SAM). As a result, they are unprepared come audit time and can face massive fines for lack of license compliance. Poor software utilization and higher IT expenses are also consequences of poor SAM. abhra fills this gap by implementing ServiceNow SAM, a centralized cloud system, that overcomes all these challenges so companies can take complete control of their entire IT estate.

Leverage the power of a unified solution that takes care of all aspects of SAM spanning discovery, normalization and reconciliation, with analytics and visualizations to support remediation. License change projections take a proactive approach and tackle licensing issues before problems snowball. Publisher packs support a vast range of software, and dashboards for each publisher give clear visibility to even the most complex products.


Complete real-time visibility with analytics and visualizations of all your IT assets including information pertaining to licensing, utilization and expenses.


Total control of your IT estate with a centralized solution that enables timely action for any license and compliance issues, as well as optimization of resource utilization.


Automation of many complex and routine tasks across the entire software lifecycle eases the burden of managing software assets, yielding greater efficiency and cost reduction.


Stay confident in your compliance position and audit-ready with a pro-active solution that keeps you prepared for audits and can save millions of dollars.