Imagine a single point of control and visibility for all your clouds. Convenient and consolidated, the Σcloud provides the efficiency of centralization through a single dashboard view to manage and monitor all resources across multi-cloud environments. It is an integrated cloud management platform for the procurement, provisioning and optimization of cloud resources across hybrid cloud environments. It enables true flexibility and easy management of both public, private and hybrid clouds.


Consolidate disparate clouds and cloud resources including disparate servers and machines to a convenient, single dashboard view.


Autoscale with ease to seamlessly handle any surges resulting in increased service requests across cloud environments.


Enjoy the flexibility of a subscription-based and on-demand pay-per-use model. No upfront fee for the entire year.


A single dashboard that gives you a bird’s eye view of all your cloud resources across multiple clouds for real-time visibility.

Σcloud enables

  • Governance & Policy
  • Provisioning, Orchestration & Automation
  • Service Request Management
  • Monitoring & Metering
  • Multi-cloud Brokering

Σcloud enables optimum performance of business-critical applications that are hosted on cloud platforms. The timely detection and resolution of problems guarantees efficient performance. It provides precise control over cloud assets with the ease of self-service, so that customers can commission and de-commission assets at will, with relative ease. Analytics serve to improve utilization and cost optimization.

With Σcloud, customers can manage myriad cloud assets such as AWS, Azure, OpenStack and CloudStack. This integration of multiple and hybrid cloud services transforms businesses for greater efficiency and scalability. Its automation eases the management of resources on disparate clouds.


Large Enterprises

As a managed service


As a DIY project

Infrastructure Resellers

As a DIY project

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