ServiceNow implementation customer of abhra

We were never happy with our existing tool which was more manually driven, needed our resources and time to deliver our services. But ServiceNow changed our perception of service management. We are happy with the ease and have many happy customers after abhra migrated us to ServiceNow.

IT Services Director

A leading membership warehouse club operator

Thanks to abhra Inc. for their optimization of our ServiceNow® platform. They reduced the number of service catalogs in the system, and increased visibility into day-to-day operations by building reports and dashboards.

IT Services Director

A global leader in Catering and Support Services

abhra Inc. revamped customizations so that redundancies were removed as well as legacy processes and functionalities. In addition, they greatly enhanced user experience in the system.

IT Services Director

One of the largest food and drug retailers in US

Our CMDB had a lot of incomplete and incorrect data. abhra Inc. helped fix these issues and ensured that everything was intact with proper relationships, making the CMDB the single source of truth for the platform.

IT Services Director

A leading US trade publisher

Thanks to abhra Inc. for their optimization of our ServiceNow® platform implementation particularly the IT Service Management module and Performance Analytics. They played a critical role in automating our IT Services.