Artificial Intelligence

Our AI and machine learning services are tailored to help you address your business needs. Our team is experienced in  harnessing the power of advanced algorithms to uncover hidden insights from your data, driving informed decision-making.

Simplifying complexity

NStarX can help you develop custom AI solutions and platforms that automate tasks and enhance efficiency, leverage GenAI to improve performance, build recommendation systems to refine customer experiences, or anomaly detection systems to reduce fraud and wastes. Let our team find the right solution to your specific needs.

  • AI Strategy Development
  • AI Readiness Assessment
  • Use Case Identification
  • Change Management
  • AI Architecture
  • AI Platform build and Integration
  • Data Engineering

  • ML Pipeline Development
  • Model Deployment and Monitoring
  • Automated Retraining

  • LLM Application Development
  • Custom Model Training
  • Model Fine-tuning
  • Prompt Engineering Services

AI Advisory

Our AI advisors can guide you through AI journey. This can involve identifying potential use cases, aligning AI projects with business goals, assessing readiness for AI, and helping you understand the implications of adopting AI within your industry space.

AI Strategy Development

We excel in helping you build your AI strategies that align with your unique goals and industry demands. We assess your current landscape, identify AI opportunities, and create a roadmap for seamless integration with your existing ecosystem. Whether you’re exploring AI or aiming to enhance existing capabilities, we can work with you to help you realize AI’s transformative potential in your business to achieve sustained growth.

AI Readiness Assessment

NStarX offers a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s technology infrastructure, data readiness, and workforce capabilities to identify strengths, gaps, and potential challenges, providing actionable insights towards your AI adoption readiness. Our teams work closely with your team to create a customized roadmap, encompassing resource allocation, upskilling, and technology adoption. With our AI readiness assessment, you’ll be well-equipped to maximize the benefits of artificial intelligence, streamline operations, and make informed decisions in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Use Case Identification

Our team collaborate with your stakeholders to conceptualize and prioritize use cases, ensuring feasibility, impact, and ROI. With our AI use case identification services, you’ll gain a clear roadmap for implementation, enabling you to harness AI’s transformative power to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation.

Change Management

AI adoption can be disruptive, and managing the change is critical for success. We guide you through the cultural shift and operational adjustments that AI implementation demands. We collaborate closely with your stakeholders to understand existing workflows, address concerns, and foster a receptive mindset. Through targeted trainings, focused communication, and regular stakeholder engagement, we ensure a smooth transition to AI-powered processes.

AI Engineering

We offer end-to-end solutions for turning AI concepts into reality. Our teams have expertise in designing, developing, and deploying robust AI systems that tackle complex challenges. From data collection and preprocessing to model selection, training, and optimization, our experts handle every technical aspect. We ensure seamless integration into your existing infrastructure, enabling real-time insights and automation. Whether it’s computer vision, natural language processing, or predictive analytics, our AI engineering team delivers scalable, efficient, and high-performance solutions that unlock the true potential of AI for your business.

AI Architecture

Robust AI architecture is needed as a foundation for AI-driven innovation. We specialize in designing scalable and adaptable AI architectures tailored to your specific needs.

AI Platform build and Integration

Our experts design end-to-end solutions that encompass data ingestion, processing, model selection, deployment, and monitoring. With a keen focus on performance, security, and scalability, we ensure your AI systems operate seamlessly and efficiently. Whether you’re embarking on a new AI initiative or enhancing existing capabilities, our AI architecture services pave the way for successful and sustained AI led innovation.

Data Engineering

Building robust data pipelines that are optimized for AI applications is the core of any successful AI initiative. Our experts design, implement, and manage data workflows that cater to the unique needs of machine learning models. From data collection and cleansing to feature engineering and integration, we ensure a seamless flow of high-quality data feed your AI initiatives. With a foundation built on security, scalability and performance, our data engineering for AI services empowers your organization to harness the full potential of AI, driving accurate predictions, insights, and business outcomes.


Our team specialize in merging machine learning and operations seamlessly. We help you streamline model development, testing, deployment, and monitoring, ensuring continuous optimization. We establish automated pipelines for smooth updates and version control, enhancing model reliability and scalability. From infrastructure provisioning to performance tracking, our MLOps services ensure your AI systems run flawlessly in production.

ML Pipeline Development

Our MLOPs experts can help you build efficient end-to-end ML pipelines tailored to your data and model objectives. Our experts handle data collection, preprocessing, feature engineering, model training, and deployment, ensuring a seamless flow of tasks. We prioritize scalability, reproducibility, and automation, allowing your team to focus on business value rather than infrastructure. With our ML pipeline development, you can accelerate your time-to-value, drive informed decisions, and realize the potential of your data using robust and reliable workflows.

Model Deployment and Monitoring

We can help you build monitoring protocols to track model behavior, detect anomalies, and facilitate proactive adjustments. With the processes, infrastructure and triggers in place, you can confidently maintain peak model performance, address emerging issues swiftly, and maximize the value of your AI investments. Leverage our expertise to guide you through the intricate process of ML deployment and monitoring, delivering sustained success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Automated Retraining

Model drifts are a reality. Our experts design automated pipelines that periodically retrain models using fresh data, adapting to evolving patterns and ensuring sustained accuracy. By implementing proactive retraining, you’ll effortlessly keep pace with changing dynamics, bolstering predictive power and insights. With our solutions, you can confidently navigate dynamic environments, maintain competitive advantages, and ensure your models remain optimized for the challenges of tomorrow.

Gen AI Adoption

Our AI advisors specialize in harnessing the potential of generative models. We can help you with you Generative AI adoption journey by guiding you through feasibility analysis, solution definition and seamless integration, enabling your business to explore uncharted territories, unlock fresh perspectives, and reshape industries. Our teams have already helped customers derive large operational and cost benefits by leveraging generative models. How can we help you?

LLM Application Development

Our experts can help you design and build custom solutions for process efficiency, content generation, sentiment analysis, language translation, and more. From enhancing customer experiences through chatbots to automating text-based tasks, our LLM application development services drive efficiency and innovation. With our expertise, you’ll navigate the complexities of LLM integration, ensuring seamless functionality and maximizing the potential of advanced language technologies in your operations.

Custom Model Training Model Fine-tuning

Our experts design and fine-tune models to understand industry jargon, local nuances, and specific content requirements. By training LLMs on your unique data, we ensure accurate and contextually relevant outputs. With our custom and local LLM model training services, you’ll unleash the true potential of language AI, enabling personalized interactions, precise content generation, and advanced insights that resonate with your audience and drive meaningful outcomes.

Prompt Engineering Services

Our experts design tailored prompts that yield precise and contextually relevant outputs. Whether it’s content generation, data analysis, or decision support, our prompt engineering ensures efficient communication with foundation models. By leveraging our expertise, you’ll streamline interactions, extract valuable insights, and achieve more accurate outcomes. Elevate your AI experience with prompt engineering, enabling you to harness the full potential of language models and drive impactful results for your business.

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NStarX leadership are practitioners. They bring in thought leadership and velocity to the execution without compromising on the quality of deliverables. Their communications and leadership styles are incredibly easy to work with, we truly benefit from 24 hours of continuous development, testing, and leadership brainstorming.
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We’ve been happy customers of NStarX for over a year and have experienced what it means to be a true partner. They are very responsive to our needs and work with us to find the right solution. The skilled resources complement our teams, and any challenges are quickly discussed and remediated. We are looking at expanding our engagement with NStarX because of their ability to deliver. We trust NStarX to deliver high quality outcomes continue to be dependable and productive partner.
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