Cloud & Platform

Elevate your digital transformation with our Cloud and Platform Engineering services. Our team can help you embrace the power of cloud technology to enhance performance, enable rapid development, building engaging user experiences and drive transformative business outcomes.

Transform your business

NStarX team is experienced in leveraging cloud platforms to optimize scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. From migration strategies to building microservices and containerized applications, our cloud and platform engineering services ensure seamless integration and continuous innovation.

  • Rapid software development
  • Early and continuous delivery
  • Harnessing Cloud Native architectures
  • Integrating AI with existing ecosystems
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Monitoring, logging, and observability
  • Incident response
  • Test Automation
  • Performance testing and load testing
  • AI-enabled testing and failure prediction


  • User research
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Usability assessments
  • UX/UI design and development


Hyper Velocity Software Engineering

We specialize in rapid and agile software delivery that accelerates innovation. Our teams leverage industry standard methodologies and technologies to expedite the entire development lifecycle. From ideation and prototyping to deployment and iteration, our hyper velocity approach ensures you stay ahead in the fast-paced digital landscape. With our services, you’ll achieve swift and impactful software solutions, enabling you to seize market opportunities, respond to changing demands, and achieve unparalleled speed-to-market for your products and services.

Rapid software development

From concept to deployment, our rapid software development approach ensures quick turnaround times, accelerated time-to-market, and flexibility to adapt to changing requirements. With our services, you’ll experience efficient collaboration, reduced development cycles, and tangible results that empower your business to swiftly respond to market demands and achieve strategic goals. Embrace the pace of innovation with our dedicated rapid software development solutions.

Early and continuous delivery

We prioritize swift and iterative release cycles. Our experts implement cutting-edge automation and testing strategies that ensure each development phase culminates in deployable code. By embracing early and continuous delivery, your business can seize market opportunities faster, respond to user feedback promptly, and adapt to evolving needs agilely.

Harnessing Cloud Native architectures

We love designing and implementing solutions that fully embrace the scalability, flexibility, and efficiency of cloud platforms. Our experts design and build architectures that utilize microservices, containers, and serverless computing, optimizing resource utilization and enabling seamless scaling. With our cloud-native approach, you’ll achieve faster development cycles, reduced operational overhead, and enhanced resilience.

Integrating AI with existing ecosystems

We offer end-to-end solutions for turning AI concepts into reality. Our teams have expertise in designing, developing, and deploying robust AI systems that tackle complex challenges. From data collection and preprocessing to model selection, training, and optimization, our experts handle every technical aspect. We ensure seamless integration into your existing infrastructure, enabling real-time insights and automation. Whether it’s computer vision, natural language processing, or predictive analytics, our AI engineering team delivers scalable, efficient, and high-performance solutions that unlock the true potential of AI for your business.

DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering

Our experts can help you implement SRE practices to ensure reliability, scalability, and rapid incident response. From optimizing code deployment to enhancing system performance, our DevOps and SRE services drive efficiency and minimize downtime. We will help you adopt a culture of continuous improvement, streamline processes, and ensure optimal user experiences with our dedicated support.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

We specialize in transforming manual infrastructure deployment into automated, version-controlled processes. Our experts leverage code to define and provision resources across cloud environments, ensuring consistency, scalability, and rapid deployments. With our IaC services, you’ll eliminate manual errors, enhance collaboration between development and operations teams, and achieve infrastructure agility. Whether you’re scaling resources, setting up complex architectures, or recovering from failures, our IaC solutions empower you to achieve optimal infrastructure configurations while saving time and resources.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

We help you streamline your software development lifecycle with our Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) services. Our focus is in implementing robust CI/CD pipelines that automate testing, integration, and deployment processes. Our experts ensure seamless collaboration between development and operations teams, enabling rapid and reliable code delivery. With our CI/CD services, you’ll achieve faster development cycles, reduced manual intervention, and improved software quality.

Monitoring, logging, and observability

We enhance your application’s performance and reliability with our Monitoring, Logging, and Observability services. Our experts specializes in implementing comprehensive strategies to monitor your systems in real time, gather meaningful logs, and gain valuable insights into system behavior. We engineer proactive issue detection, rapid incident response, and identify optimization opportunities. With our services, you’ll achieve greater visibility into your applications, pinpoint bottlenecks, and make informed decisions to improve user experiences.

Incident response

Mitigate the impact of disruptions with our Incident Response services. With the help of our technology partners we craft tailored incident response plans, equipping you with strategies to swiftly contain, analyze, and eradicate threats. With our services, you’ll minimize downtime, safeguard sensitive data, and maintain stakeholder trust. Leverage our dedicated incident response support to ensure a proactive approach, swift containment, and effective recovery in the face of security breaches or operational challenges, empowering your organization to navigate disruptions with confidence.

Engineering Automation

Harnessing automation to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation. Our experts design tailored automation solutions that encompass repetitive tasks, resource allocation, and workflows. From deploying infrastructure to managing software releases, our engineering automation services ensure accuracy, consistency, and rapid execution

Test Automation

Improve software quality with our Test Automation services. Our experts design tailored automation frameworks that cover regression, performance, and compatibility testing. From code validation to UI testing, our test automation services enhance efficiency, accuracy, and coverage. Leverage automated testing to accelerate development cycles, detect issues early, and ensure consistent application performance. Test automation will help you achieve faster time-to-market, reduced manual effort, and improve software products quality.

Performance and testing and load testing

Optimize your software’s performance with our Performance and Load Testing services. We design tailored testing scenarios that simulate real-world user interactions, ensuring your software can handle peak loads without compromising quality. From stress testing to load balancing, our performance and load testing services enhance user experiences and minimize downtime risks.

AI-enabled testing and failure prediction

We can help you integrate artificial intelligence to enhance testing efficiency and accuracy. Our AI and testing experts analyze complex testing data, predict failure risks, and prioritize testing efforts. With AI, you’ll uncover hidden patterns, identify critical areas, and ensure thorough coverage. Adoption of AI in testing process can help you predict failure risk, allocate resources effectively, reduce potential downtime, and enhance software reliability.

Experience Design

Build engaging customer experiences using our Experience design service. We specialize in crafting meaningful and user-centric experiences that resonate. Our experts blend creativity with strategic thinking to design intuitive interfaces, engaging digital products, and seamless journeys. From user research and prototyping to UI/UX design, our experience design services ensure that every touchpoint reflects your brand’s essence and user needs.

User research

We empower your decision-making with our User Research services. Our experts employ a range of methodologies to understand user behaviors, preferences, and pain points, guiding product development and innovation. From qualitative interviews to quantitative surveys, our user research services offer a holistic view of your audience. Embrace data-driven insights to refine your strategies, enhance user experiences, and create products that resonate.

Rapid prototyping

We help you bring ideas to life swiftly and effectively through our Rapid Prototyping. Our skilled team translates concepts into tangible prototypes, facilitating early-stage validation and iterative development. Using industry standard tools and methodologies, we accelerate your innovation process, enabling quick experimentation and user feedback. Whether for software applications, products, or user interfaces, our rapid prototyping ensures a clear visualization of your vision. Refine concepts, mitigate risks, and enhance user experiences with our dynamic and iterative approach.

Usability assessments

We can help you improve your user engagements by conducting comprehensive assessments, analyzing user interactions, navigation, and overall user experience. Through heuristic evaluations, usability testing, and user feedback analysis, we identify pain points and opportunities for enhancement. With actionable insights, you’ll optimize user journeys, mitigate user frustrations, and ultimately deliver products that engage and retain your audience.

UX/UI design and development

From wireframing and prototyping to full-fledged UI design, our UX/UI development services bring concepts to life with pixel-perfect precision. Embrace our expertise to create interfaces that resonate with your audience, driving higher user engagement and satisfaction.

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NStarX leadership are practitioners. They bring in thought leadership and velocity to the execution without compromising on the quality of deliverables. Their communications and leadership styles are incredibly easy to work with, we truly benefit from 24 hours of continuous development, testing, and leadership brainstorming.
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We’ve been happy customers of NStarX for over a year and have experienced what it means to be a true partner. They are very responsive to our needs and work with us to find the right solution. The skilled resources complement our teams, and any challenges are quickly discussed and remediated. We are looking at expanding our engagement with NStarX because of their ability to deliver. We trust NStarX to deliver high quality outcomes continue to be dependable and productive partner.
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