Private Equity

Drive organic growth, accelerate product innovation, integrate acquisitions faster and expand operating margins.

Building unicorns together

Maximizing the return on investment requires identification of the right organizations for acquisition and enabling them for growth through faster innovation, market expansions and optimizing their operational efficiencies while managing risks along the way. NStarX can be a part of your journey with our focused offerings.

Pre-Investment: Due Diligence

  • Digital product and service roadmap
  • Maturity assessment – engineering, data, AI
  • Digital readiness assessment

Post Investment: Digital Partner

  • Accelerate Innovation
  • Platform rationalization (merge, sunset legacy)
  • Engineering spend Optimization
  • Access to quality digital talent

Pre-Investment: Due Diligence

Our expert in  product engineering, AI and data engineering can help you better assess your target’s digital maturity. Our team of experts have years of experience in the space can provide objective feedback about the current state and future potential of the target organization.

Digital product and service roadmap

We help you access the digital product and service roadmap of an organization by reviewing their planned offerings within the digital landscape. This assessment examines alignment with market needs, technological feasibility, and competitive differentiation. Analyzes the clarity of the roadmap, innovation funnel, and scalability of the teams. The assessment can help you refine the strategies, prioritize initiatives, and ensure that products and services effectively address customer demands for the industry space in which the organization competes in.

Maturity assessment – engineering, data, AI

We can help you assess the maturity of an organization’s current engineering, data, and AI capabilities using a set of industry standard and custom assessment rubric. The process allows us to gauges the level of technological expertise, process efficiency, data management, and AI integration available today and identifies area of strengths, gaps, and improvement. The assessment can help guide your strategic decisions and resource allocation to enhance the organization’s overall technology maturity and future competitiveness.

Digital readiness assessment

We can help you evaluate an organization’s technological capabilities, processes, and culture to determine its preparedness for digital transformation. We examines factors such as infrastructure, data management, engineering maturity, workforce skills, and strategic alignment to develop a tailored assessment of the organization’s capabilities today.

Post Investment: Digital Partner

As your post investment digital partner, we can help your portfolio companies accelerate innovation, rationalize their product portfolios, reduce ongoing spend in engineering and help you get access to a global talent pool across India, Europe, Canada and US to meet your growth and optimization goals.

Accelerate Innovation

We can accelerate innovation by extending your product and engineering teams under one-roof to facilitate cross-functional collaboration , help in rapid prototyping and iterative development to quickly test and refine concepts through a dedicated innovation team. We can help accelerate research and development across your portfolio by providing dedicated capacity to focus on feedback analysis, market analysis and evaluation of emerging technologies to allow for a more dynamic and responsive approach to innovation.

Platform rationalization (merge, sunset legacy)

Our TOR (Target, Obsolete, Redundant) portfolio analysis framework can help you identify underperforming or obsolete products and identify the target solution that will replace the existing solutions. This process can help in streamlining and reallocating resources toward high-impact offerings, reduces complexity, and aligns with strategic goals.

Engineering spend optimization

By evaluating your current resource allocation, technology usage, and project efficiency we can help you identify cost-saving opportunities. You can realize the optimization through a combination of productivity improvement, moving engineering work to a cost optimized destination, rationalizing the product roadmap for high value without impacting the speed, and quality of the output.

Access to quality digital talent

We can help you extend your access to global digital talent through co-creation labs with NStarX. Our presence in India, Europe, Canada, and US allows you to build global distributed team based on availability of quality talent in the specific geography.

Results delivered

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NStarX leadership are practitioners. They bring in thought leadership and velocity to the execution without compromising on the quality of deliverables. Their communications and leadership styles are incredibly easy to work with, we truly benefit from 24 hours of continuous development, testing, and leadership brainstorming.
Publicly Listed HealthTech Company
We’ve been happy customers of NStarX for over a year and have experienced what it means to be a true partner. They are very responsive to our needs and work with us to find the right solution. The skilled resources complement our teams, and any challenges are quickly discussed and remediated. We are looking at expanding our engagement with NStarX because of their ability to deliver. We trust NStarX to deliver high quality outcomes continue to be dependable and productive partner.
VP - Information Technology
Industrial Equipment Company
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