SaaS solution that enables auditors to manage their entire audit lifecycle securely across multiple customers simultaneously

Audit management product for South Korea
Customer Challenge

Most accounting firms globally are small (<15 CPAs), making it challenging for them to use the expensive and complicated software solutions to offer their services. The key goal of the product was to build a simple, easy to use, inexpensive SaaS product that requires minimal user training required and enable a CPA to work efficiently and effectively, complying with AICPA guidelines.

Solution Implemented

After conducting extensive product-market fit studies, and benchmarking against other commercially available solutions, co-developed a complete cloud-based solution that had extensive integrations with existing tools like excel, word, pdf etc. Solution is an internationalized product core (I18N), contains a core templating engine, allows artifacts to be organized in windows explorer like setup and enable collaboration between clients and CPAs.

Outcome Delivered
  • Product deployed and used in US and South Korea and is the leading product in South Korea with over 50% of the top 30 audit firms using the product.
  • Product ease of use is built around familiarity of standard workplace productivity solutions and integration of MS Office products with the solution, so work can be seamless completed.
  • Cloud native architecture that leverages AWS services for scalability
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