Madhu Hittuvalli

Technology startups CAN effectively leverage an offshore partnership

Our combined experience in working with Global startup companies including technology startups at various stages of their life cycle reaffirms the hypothesis – that startups can significantly benefit by co-innovating with the right partner.

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Vidisha Bhasin

Start Ups: The struggle to find Talent

No matter how big or small you are, talent acquisition is a challenge. As a startup with limited resources looking to be successful in the recruiting war, you have to pick the battles that you can win.

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Karthik Basava

Think Big and Do More!!

Talking about change,  from the perspective of an IT Manager in a fledgling IT Organization targeting a dynamic and disrupted market, as an enthusiast and an optimist, you see a plethora of opportunities with the ever expanding and explosive disruptive technologies, you can reimagine the way enterprises can and should use IT and more importantly make them do it.

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Guru Bhoopala

Building Business Applications in the age of SaaS and Cloud

The advent and adaption of SaaS platforms by corporations is fundamentally altering the way of building business applications. Adoption of SaaS applications is growing at a pace six times the rate of on -premise enterprise applications.

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In IT services sales it helps to be consultative and prescriptive

Consultative selling is a much maligned and misunderstood word today in the services industry and more specifically IT services industry.

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