Understanding every client’s requirements is an integral part of our business philosophy. To ensure we get it right the first time our SMEs conduct workshops to understand and provide optimal solutions to suit each business need. In addition we can help formulate an apt digital roadmap and scope out a prospective plan.

abhra provides multi-layer consultation encompassing a wide range of activities.

  • Functional Foundation: abhra studies a client’s digital and IT topology to discover the current systems. It also establishes the relationships between the systems and identifies the data sources and systems with which Hybris needs to interact
  • Technical Foundation: abhra performs a technical feasibility test to establish connectivity between various systems and Hybris before undertaking the actual implementation project. This brings more predictability into the system
  • Solutionizing: abhra studies the requirements to come up with tailor-made solutions for the client. It involves several workshops and business practice studies of the client
  • Application Optimization: abhra studies the existing Hybris implementation to suggest improvements in Hybris implementation as well as other tools and third party system integrations to increase customer conversion and retention
  • Digital Transformation Partner: abhra is an ideal digital transformation partner. We analyze and advise clients on their digital roadmaps, optimizing and standardizing business processes according to proven ITIL norms, increasing channels of sale and optimizing ROI on their existing digital commerce investments.

Managed Services

abhra encourages clients to focus on core competencies and leave their webstore administration to us. We will manage the webstore, catalog, promotions and all day-to-day operations.

Design and User Experience

Our designers excel in crafting eye-catching and appealing designs for webstores. We follow a process of utilizing the best UX principles while adhering to a customer’s brand guidelines.

Digital Marketing

We recognize the importance of social and search availability for a webstore. All webstores managed by us follow the best SEO practices and support SEM. Using OG tags; we ensure we have attractive social media shares of all webpages.