Knowledge18 the largest ServiceNow® conference is over and abhra’s booth at the event presented our services as well as the latest technological advances. Visitors to our booth got a chance to try an MR (Mixed Reality) headset stepping into a whole new world where Augmented Reality and ServiceNow® converge. It opens up an exciting range of possibilities for the future of ServiceNow® and organizations that use this technology.

The headset provides an immersive 3D experience of the command center, raising the efficiency and visibility of the system. For instance, a CIO doesn’t have to look at multiple screens for a system overview. A single immersive experience encapsulates all this real-time data and hand gestures control interaction with the system.

This technology has the potential to:

  • Speed up response time to issues
  • Improve training quality and shorten its duration
  • Facilitate even greater visibility, transparency, efficiency and integration
  • Condense the overview of multiple systems and geographies in one 3D video feed

Sneak Peak of the MR Experience

Here’s a look at the visitors to our booth who got the chance to try out the MR headset.

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K18 8
K18 7
K18 6
K18 5
K18 4
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K18 2
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If you missed our MR demo at Knowledge18, not to worry, we have a range of exciting ServiceNow® solutions that can help transform your business. If you’d like to explore these solutions, our experts are here to help. Book a free demo and get a better picture of how you can leverage ServiceNow® for your business needs. No charges, no strings attached.

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